Welcome to my first new blog!

September 26, 2012

Well, hello out there in cyberspace. Let me introduce myself to all of you who have decided to take a chance on me and read my first blog – with more to follow.

I am Linda Robertson, a woman, a writer, a mom, an ex-wife, a grandmother of five, and a friend to a lot of great, wonderful people.

I plan to entertain you, enlighten you, awaken you, and possibly even educate you, while sharing bits and pieces of who I am with raucous tidbits, laugh-out-loud articles and true stories of my own trials and survivals, some written through heartache and tears. You’ll also read some of my truest loves – poetry – my own, and those of selected poets, favorite quotes, some of which are listed as anonymous. If you know the author, please feel free to send me the correct name and I will properly identify and give credit to them in the next blog. I hope to keep you amused, ponder deeply some articles I will send your way, maybe even challenge one of my essays, giving thought to an important social issue…but I will steer clear of politics and sports. These topics can lead to hurt feelings among those who choose to debate these issues, so I prefer to leave these out. But I do welcome good discussions, if you’d like to comment. I do, however, want to keep my karma clean and shiny! Hope you feel the same way!

I hope that my blog entries will encompass an audience from 1 to 100 because every soul on the planet deserves love, truth, and humor on every occasion possible. I don’t plan on writing every day at this point, but you just never know what the future holds for you or where it will take you. Some of the best days we have are spontaneously given to us with no forethought, no planning, no setting a date – just a quick phone call or a knock on your door can sometimes change your life.

Thank you for letting me share this part of your day. I look forward to your comments and welcome your suggestions as we all awaken to each perfect day with new dreams and possibilities. And if you’re having a bad day, I may just be the listening ear you need to connect to.

Blessings, Linda



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3 responses to “Welcome to my first new blog!

  1. ~Ebb~

    You did it! Turned out wonderful! Can’t wait to read more…

  2. m beru

    Your writings left me feeling happy and peaceful! For me that is rare. I seem to usually read things that have the opposite effect! This was quite a refreshing switch for me.

    • Thank m beru. I appreciate your kind words. I’ve done a turnabout this past year and have felt the change in myself…quite proud of it, too.

      I hope you’ll continue reading my works and pass them onto your friends, families, and co-workers.

      Blessings, and Happy Turkey Day!

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