Linda’s Ponderings

October 5, 2012
My second blog entry is here! And will somebody please tell me where the time has gone? It seems like only a few days ago, I was sweltering in the summer heat. No, wait! That was just a few days ago. In fact, it’s still hot!
Anyway, I’ve been doing a lot of pondering lately and I don’t know why, but things just happen around me or show up on a TV screen. Or there will be a phone call and I’ll know who it is before the phone actually rings. Of course, I’ve been able to do that for years; I’m a bit of a psychic, y’know. I’ve freaked out my family and friends on more than one occasion by telling them to answer the door when no one knocked, or pick up the phone because I’ve heard it ring before it actually happened. They look at me, a puzzled expression on their face, and then the activity will happen and their eyes just pop with surprise and fear. I even predict earthquakes before they hit. It’s a tough job but somebody’s gotta do it, right? ROFLMAO!
Now, this week’s ponderings. I have been inundated with two words in the past week: “pitch perfect.” I’m very aware that there’s a movie coming out with that name, and I understand that those commercials are airing. So that explains why it’s in my mind once or twice a day. But I hear this and see it everywhere I go. There will be a huge billboard advertising some product as I’m driving down the road, and it’ll read “pitch perfect,” or I’ll listen to a radio station and out of the blue, they’ll say something about “Gee, that guy is pitch perfect.”
I’ve read it in books and magazines lately and it’s not that it isn’t a proper phrase, it’s just an old phrase. So…I’m wondering why it’s in my head at this point in my life. Usually having these thoughts will lead me to something else. I just wish I knew what I was, so I could get it, use it, and move on to bigger and better things.

And don’t you just love clichés? What a kick they are. Even though I enjoy a cliché once in awhile, I have more fun finding out where it came from and when it was first used. I’m not a history buff, but when it comes to the English language, I’m very curious, and love researching these little gems by going through dusty old books in libraries and book stores. I will explore these things when I’m writing a book or an article, until I’m satisfied with the definition of where that phrase originally came from.
So, here’s one for you: “Happy trails to you until we meet again!” I think everyone remembers where that one came from!
Blessings, Linda


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