An Unexpected Day of Wonderment

November 1, 2012

Hello again. It’s me. I’m trying to decide on whether I should give up the ghost and go to bed…but I decided to write my blog first – no, not my first blog…never mind.

My goofy day changed from the hope of utilizing the computer for several, several, several hours and went straight into the dumper when I wrote down all the places I needed to go today, then realized that I had completely outwitted myself and totally messed up my schedule. I left at 9:00 AM and got home at 2:30 PM. So much for a productive day at home.

I’m getting to the point, but for a moment, you’ll have to bear with me while I detail this out a bit. My circular trek around my hometown led me in complete opposite directions of the way I had written out my schedule. For a normal person, this could have stressed them out completely – but if you recall from earlier blogs, or even if you don’t, I tend to go where the road leads me. I don’t mind getting lost – I just consider it new country I’ve never seen before. Birds chirping, trees blowing in the wind, out of traffic – all this is good stuff. So if I had to go in the complete opposite direction of the way I had laid out my plans, so be it. By the time 2:30 approached, I was back in my house putting away groceries, talking to my cat, and kicking off my shoes.

So went my day.

But the evening turned out pretty well. And this is getting more to the point of what I wanted to tell you tonight. I watched the CMA Music Awards for three hours, following my nightly routine during commercials of going through the mail, refilling my tea glass, and finishing off my leftover lunch. (I don’t finish off leftovers everyday; it just so happened that today, I did. Point taken.)


Something clicked inside me watching all those beautiful entertainers sing their incredible music. I was cheering on the ones I liked and wanted to win, and amazed by those I’d never heard before – truly gifted people who have the amazing talent of writing and performing music. They brought tears to my eyes with every note. And when Willie Nelson came on stage to sing his own song, one of the immense accumulation of songs that he’s written for himself and for other singers, I felt breathless. Although Willie walks to the beat of a different drummer, or maybe to the beat of a different guitar, on a daily basis, I doubt if anyone could call him a lackluster musician. He was born to write and play, and enjoy his life the way he wanted it to be. To me, that man is a genius. Some of my favorite songs from singers I had idolized for years, I found out that Willie had written them. This 79-year-old man is all of the following: inspired, gifted, exceptional, accomplished, talented, brilliant, impressive, and he can keep up, and far surpass, some of the young ones note by note.

Anyway, here’s my point. I could’ve looked at today as a failure, because I was gone from the house so long, but if I didn’t accomplish all of it today, I would just have to go out again tomorrow and Saturday and Sunday, etc. If changing my schedule had ticked me off, I wouldn’t have enjoyed the rest of my day, complete with little rain drops on my freshly washed car. Not to worry… why should I? Life is going give you whatever is in your destiny and you can’t do a darn thing about it. If you try, by avoiding or creating an alternate route, even as far as what you’re going to have for breakfast, or if you’re going to gas the car up today or wait till the prices come down, your life is pre-planned. Are you going to change your destiny by suddenly deciding that you’re going to start jogging to get yourself in shape, or is destiny going to intervene by the very nature of what destiny is, and give you a massive coronary because you’ve gone from an inactive life to one of a constant vigorous routine?

This is my lesson for today, and you can take it for whatever it’s worth. Life is life, and you get what you can handle. So, on a day like today, when I got my errands run, and all my chores done, I found time this evening to sit down with my cat and watch the CMA Music Awards, listening to all that glorious music, channeled from the gods, and observe as Willie Nelson was honored with his Lifetime Achievement Award, I ask you to be reminded that, in every day, there is something beautiful close at hand…


If you just reach out and take it.






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