By Linda Robertson


In the old days, when people got together and shared ideas, it was called “conversation.” One guy would have a great idea and he would share it with his friend.


Now, in the 21st century, we network. We still share ideas with others, but now we can do it through the use of machines. We sit at a desk in front of a screen, and talk into another machine in which we dictate our ideas. Once that is accomplished, we save our brilliance with the push of a button, or in some cases, we just say the word “save.”

And that takes care of that.

The next step is to take what we have written on the screen, assign it a name, and share it on this thing called a “blog” –  (shortened from the words “web log,” in case there’s anyone in the universe that didn’t know this.)

What have we accomplished?

We have just networked.

This is only one possibility of how to network. We attend meetings, hold conferences, do “meet and greets,” socialize at parties, go to conventions, and have lunch with friends. Every one of these settings is a way to network; this is the power of prattle and chatter. We openly share our ideas with someone else, and in return, they share their ideas with us. We talk, converse, chat, discuss, verbalize, articulate, lecture, preach, show and tell, and all things in between. We can infer, deliberate, consult, confab, speak, utter, blather, chitchat, chew the fat, natter, jaw, interview, and share information. No matter how we convey an idea, it still takes at least two people to do it, but the result is the same. As they say, “It’s all in the details.”

And here’s the great part – through networking, we can talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime. It doesn’t take a face-to-face meeting, although those are joyful, but now we can sit in our living rooms with a laptop or an iPad, and hold a conversation with someone halfway around the world. One conversation, one discussion, and we can build an empire with just the right amount of networking.

If you’ve got a great idea, something marketable and useful, all you have to do is network. If you’re at a convention or a workshop, and someone catches your eye, extend a hand and meet someone new. Who knows? This person could become your business partner, your benefactor, your associate, your employee, your champion, or your new best friend.

It’s still acceptable – in fact, it’s essential – to utilize the methods of our ancestors, and talk to “the man in the street.” Not to take this too literally, but the underlying statement is quite true. Holding a dialogue with someone you’ve just met in whatever location, may well turn your idea into something amazing, viable, and profitable. We must verbalize our thoughts and opinions in order to get anywhere in life. In order to succeed in today’s world, we must communicate even more than we ever have in the past.

And this is easier than you think, because most of us fervently believe in ourselves and our ideas, and we enjoy sharing these inspirations with others, to bring them to fruition. 

So here’s the skinny on your success in the 21st century:






Leap forward with fresh innovations…

Allow your uniqueness to shine…

Let your imagination run wild…

Venture out into the world…







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