“Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life?” Oh, Lord, Please!




July 7, 2013

Today’s blog…..

You know the old saying, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life?”

Oh, Lord, please let a better day be my first day!

I’m still sick from whatever computer virus hit me over the weekend, but I thought those viruses were virtual. Do we now have to get vaccinated for those viruses as well? If so, I hope they use a very small needle and put it in my computer and not my butt. I don’t need any more “virtual” pounds there.

Besides that, isn’t there a USB port somewhere on my computer tower that a tekkie could inject to take away the viruses without touching my body? I’m really worrying about this virtual reality. We have become much too “public” with our private information – photos, daily coffee break information, business problems, love lives and the problems therein, and heaven forbid, please God, kill me now – those freakin’ video games that now invade our time on FaceBook. I doubt if Mark Zuckerberg developed FaceBook in order to find a way for us to waste even more time away from our families, friends, and loved ones. What are we supposed to do? The man of the family plays some farm game or feeds virtual fish so they won’t die while the “mama” of the family prepares his lusty feasts…or the working mother takes “just a few minutes” on the computer game winning crowns and jewels while the “baby daddy” manages the laundry, dinner, and messy diapers.

Have we completely lost our family unit? If, in some instances, there is a two-parent, numerous children, dog-cat relationship family, the parents are having to work two or three jobs in order to provide day care or personal nannies for their little ones just to make the monthly bills, let alone provide food, clothing, and shelter. Add in transportation costs, whether personal car or public transportation, you have either upkeep costs, insurance and gasoline, or monthly vouchers that you still have to pay for.


In other cases, sadly, man and woman get together long enough to make a few babies with the intention of getting on welfare so they never have to work again. Those family units rarely survive any type of functioning relationships but they keep fertilizing eggs and collecting government money that could go to covering health and education costs for the rest of our children. Then, those children are brought up with that kind of knowledge and forethought to “work the system” instead of working for a living.

God help us as we grow through our lives and learn what it’s like to live in today’s world, and please teach us right from wrong. We’re becoming a nation of fools and our government isn’t helping us by sending our young boys and girls to fight other countries and risk their lives while doing it, then those same members of our government send our money to other countries so they can thrive. What about OUR people? Starving, homeless, disabled, and our sad, heartbroken wounded veterans who come home to a nation they so proudly fought to save only to find themselves with no jobs, no proper medical care, and sometimes, to a lost family who doesn’t know how to deal with their changed soldiers’ attitudes.

Please God, if our leaders are going to drop bombs on our enemies, let them drop some knowledge and endurance on us. We Americans need leadership, support, education, and togetherness here in the 21st century. We need to support our homeland and our homeland heroes!!!

Please God, help our country now. We’re the ones who need the support.



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