Check out my new website – old friends and new ones!

August 12, 2014
Hello again…long time, no see! I’ve been very busy surviving in California’s summer heat while trying to master the art of paying bills and having enough left over for groceries. It hasn’t been easy, but one day in June, I came up with an idea that wasn’t half bad or half-baked – why not start a tiny little cottage industry doing something I do well – crafting. So setting aside some of the grocery money – SERIOUSLY – and putting my creative mind together with my agile fingers, I came up with a few good ideas. Below is a little blurb about my website for you to check out. Hopefully, it will entice you to plug in my web address and see what I have to offer you in the way of quality handcrafted crafts and gifts.
AUGUST 5, 2014

Dear friends, and those who haven’t become friends yet, come with me on this journey of inspiration, transformation, and transition as I take a leap of faith to touch the stars in sharing my creativity with each and every one of you who visit my website. I have chosen this time in my life to experience the blessings I’ve been given, the knowledge I possess, and the originality and resources with which I’ve been lucky enough to receive to complete my dreams.
This is just an excerpt of the lead-in paragraph for my new website called “” I hope you’ll check me out on whatever social media you prefer and pass the word to your own friends and family. I’m preparing now for the Christmas season, so check in every once in awhile for my new projects. My email address is, not to be confused with my website address, “”
The website slideshow presents a few of the items I’ve created over the past few months getting things ready for the August launch, and some of the pictures in the slideshow are included to show you my “work” areas – and if you knew my mom, she’d call my whole house “junk.” Let’s see if we can prove her wrong!
Please join me on my quest. Step into my dreams and travel the roads with me leading to relaxation, peace, pleasure, bliss, comfort, enjoyment, and delight.
And remember, it’s been a business doing pleasure with you!


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