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February 23, 2013
I think I’ve actually finally figured out what BLOG stands for – it’s the combined words of “Bump on a Log.”
What do we, bloggers, do when we write, create, edit, copy, paste, and send our blogs? We sit…like a bump on a log. Some of us are blessed with very comfortable office chairs, with both back supports and padded seats. Others are even more blessed…they have a relaxing overstuffed living room or library accent chair and are able to use their laptop or maybe even their iPad. Can you write a blog on an iPad? Shows how much I know about technology, right?
So, this is what I’ve been thinking while I watched “Dreamgirls” on TV tonight. First of all, I thought it was a very good movie, for being three hours long, but I could watch Beyonce’ and Jennifer Hudson perform anytime, anywhere. Those girls are fantastic! And to also have Jamie Foxx, Eddie Murphy, AND Danny Glover? Oh yeah…let’s bring out the bad boys! Talent to boot! It’s funny, though, that I’d never seen it before. Funny, because I thought I had. I must have been BLOGging during the time I thought I watched it.
We, as Americans, have it pretty easy when you consider that we can sit in any chair with almost any mechanical device and contact any person anywhere in the world…oops, I typed “word.” Hey, I think that makes even more sense!!! We can contact any person anywhere in the word.
I’m ecstatic! That’s a Freudian slip that deserves a round of applause! [applause here]….
Okay, back to my original thought. We’re lucky. Just take a look back over the last 100+ years at how much advancement we’ve achieved: flight, Edison’s and Einstein’s genius, radio and TV, artificial life begins – the first robot was built in 1921. 3-D movies, FM radio and stereo records, the helicopter, Silly Putty, Frisbee, and Mr. Potato Head, Hula Hoop and Barbie, the black box for airplanes, McDonald’s, the artificial heart, computers of all kinds, sizes, and shapes, the computer mouse, medical advancements of treatment and prevention of disease and technology, and most recently, cars that park themselves.
The ‘70s were a whirlwind of computer-related progress and development, and the ‘80s brought in even more, along with the first Cabbage Patch Doll, digital cellular phones, and disposable contact lenses. The 90s saw the invention of the internet and the rise of Microsoft. The 90s saw the invention of genetic engineering, as well as cloning, and stem cell research – and Viagra. The first 11 years of the 21st century have brought us Toyota’s first hybrid car, bionic contacts and retinal implants for the blind. And that takes us to the end of 2011. Does that worry anyone that I couldn’t find any amazing, brilliant acts of MAN for the past year and a half? What does that say about our computer skills now? Huh?
Then there are designer babies, facelifts that make you look feline, millionaires that have enough money to fly into outer space for their birthdays, yet they won’t offer to build low cost/no cost dwellings for families who’ve lost everything and are living in the streets. I’m not talking about drug addicts or those who call themselves victims of their own demons who stand on street corners begging for a dollar to make their lives better “today.” Their desire is to talk you into deep sympathy for their inventive story that day for one more pint of cheap whiskey or another syringe full of possible death. They don’t care…they just need the fix, and they’ll concoct any story they can to convince you that they are truly a casualty of life. Just realize that you are their prey. Then, if you have something to donate to a good cause, more power to you…go ahead and do it! But do it for a good cause and for something that will help the masses who need it. Don’t be a BLOG!
Well, I’ve finished “Dreamgirls,” had my dinner, answered a few emails, and done some research for another article or two. It’s way past bedtime, but I have a query for other writers out there who will substantiate this rule along with me: Do we, as writers, ever have a “past bedtime” or are we always in light sleep mode just waiting for the American dream – the New York Times #1 Bestseller for 2013! Personally, I have a pen, tablet, booklight, and Post-It notes in bed with me so that when my muses begin to talk, I don’t actually have to leave my warm, comfy bed to input the idea(s) into the computer. Of course, if these nocturnal angels talk way too much and way too fast, I just grab my glass of water and my warmest socks and boot up the 21st century’s “one-eyed monster.” My dad used to call the television set that. I bet he’s rolling over in his grave with all the advances and technologies we’ve accomplished just since his passing in 1982.
I do think it’s time I tried to sleep, though…it’s almost time to wake up!
Happy reading, happy writing, and happy BLOGging!


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